Week 7: Present Film and Get Feedback



Tag line: A boy goes through a day in school filled with confusion. Questions: Did it covey confusion and stress? Did you understand it at all?


  1. “The point of view camera was remarkably smooth, not shaky at all. How did you do that? I would say it did, but personally I think it could have been cut a little faster in editing.”- Dylan Werts
  2. “I think it did convey the emotions of online school, the only thing I’d say is it’s probably better to film horizontally”- Meredith Morgan
  3. “It made sense what was happening throughout it. The camera was well done. The audio was very spontaneous and inconsistent, more ambiance throughout the whole thing would improve it a lot. Overall good job.”- Ellie Tetrault
  4. “I think that you did a good job at making it seeming confused, but I think that filming horizontally may be better, also some of the shots seemed a little stretched out and a bit long, but overall, great work!”- Stuart Whitney


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