Week 5: Editing Production


  • Intention Established and Documented: Confusion and Anxiety
  • Training Engaged and Documented (WeVideo.com): Shots that were suppose to put you in the eyes of a student (POV) and cuts to convey confusion and that everything is the same
  • Short Film with Beginning Middle and End (To help create basic edits): Beginning wake pov, middle, get prepared, end school
  • Basic Editing Techniques Used and Documented: A standard cut (first cut), a smash cut, jump cut, and a match cut (second cut), standard cut (3rd cut), fade in/fade out cut (fourth cut)


  • My cuts are suppose to show how waking up to the feeling of unmotivation feels, especial how it feels to me, and how the days feel to fast but also extremely slow


  • Create an autobiographical short film about your COVID learning experience (30 to 60 seconds) with at least 4 types of edits
  • This film will help us get to know each other and what we are experiencing a little better
  • No copyrighted material
  • ONLY student original work, including music
  • Edit with WeVideo.com


  • Set a creative intention
    • Make viewer ‘feel’ my COVID truth
  • Identify the tension
    • Daily COVID learning experience
  • Setting
    • School and stress
    • A boy feels anxious and confused going through the day
  • Techniques to possibly be used
    • Standard Cut / Hard Cut – no meaning or feeling, immersive, advanced story
    • Series Jump Cut – pushes time forward, gives energy/urgency, cuts inside same shot, deliberate passing of time, similar to the montage
    • Montage – the passage of time, quick transformation by a character, underscored music (Rocky)
    • Cutting on Action – cut while the subject is in action: hard and fast, slow and deliberate (throwing something, turn, going through the door)
    • Smash Cut – abrupt, waking up from an intense nightmare, intense to quiet/quiet to intense
    • Fade In/Fade Out – Dissolving to or from black
  • Shot List (Use phone or Chromebook) Clips that I need to record (with phone or Chromebook)
    • 21 seconds of POV walking
    • 14 seconds of a waking up
    • 6 seconds of staring
    • 23 seconds of typing (fade to next scene)
    • 18 seconds of class
    • 8 seconds of end card


RUBRIC for Preparation and Publication

  • PROFESSIONALISM: GOAL SETTING (Intention for the film)
  • TECHNOLOGY/PROFESSIONALISM: Blog portfolio publishing
  • WRITING: Complete sentences proper grammar and spelling
  • INDUSTRY: Follow tutorials and Use a film editor

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